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8 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips

02 Aug. 17

Instagram recently announced having over 700 million active users. This is a huge achievement. Instagram is no longer just a social network to share selfies and pictures of your favorite food.

“Over the past four years, what began as two friends with a dream has grown into a global community that shares more than 70 million photos and videos each day,” co-founder and CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

From what I have experienced, I’d say that Instagram is addictive. Having a look at the visual feed can be addictive. So, why not tell your story to this vast audience not as a user, but as a brand. Instagram is really a brilliant platform for your digital marketing maneuvers. If you are not sure how to showcase your business on Instagram, here is a list of tips that you can follow for effective marketing.

1.Add a Link to Your Instagram Profile

An essential purpose of digital marketing for any brand is to reach its targeted audience. If a brand wants to showcase their products and services via Instagram, the best way possible is to add a link to the landing page that the brand wants its followers to click below your bio description.

One of the most important things marketers need to know is how well their Instagram account leads back to their website. The most important thing to link to is your website URL. This could be your blog page, your product page, or any other page of your website. Moreover, the good news is that you can change this URL as often as you like.

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2.Take Advantage of Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are like the address to your post. They point the audience towards your post. This is how your post will be noticed by the users. A brand can use Instagram’s explore feature to find trending hashtags and explore posts with these tags. If these trending tags are relevant to your brand, include them in timely posts to aid discovery.

It is important to post engaging images with compelling taglines and hashtags to reach out to the widest possible user segments.

3.Mix Videos and Photos

My favorite Instagram marketing tip is to mix up your posting strategy by including videos in addition to photos.

As marketers, we all know that Instagram is about visual storytelling, but with a video you can actually bring your story to life. Videos are valuable asset that can be used to engage fans, grow your follower list and drive traffic.

If you are attending an event or celebrating birthdays or festivals at your workplace, it would be effective to share the story of your celebration in video format. Posting pictures of behind the scenes or working model of your organization will certainly be beneficial. But, I would suggest to post videos every once a while that narrates your work culture and some fun activities. This digital marketing idea will eliminate the boredom of routine post that your followers are updated with regularly.

Brands like Oreo, Burger King, Spotify and many others have leverage the use of videos to keep their audience engaged.

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4.Showcase Products and Services

Put your products and services in context so your audience connects with them. Find influencers within your specific vertical who will showcase your products in a fun and innovative way.

Michael Kors is one such excellent example that showcases their products. It doesn’t matter what they’re selling, whether it’s a watch or a purse, they put their products in a familiar environment with someone wearing them.

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5.Make Graphics Shareworthy

Pairing images with captions is an effective way to engage your audience.

I would recommend to use Canva for creating share worthy graphics. Canva is a very useful tool which is easy to work with and has numerous functionality that can make you post look awesome.

A post with a detailed caption and all relevant hashtags results in a compelling post packed with nuggets of knowledge. This will indulge the audience with the message you are trying to convey and will add value to your audience’s thoughts.

6.Utilize all the tools Instagram has to offer

Who doesn’t love filters? We all have once used the filters on either of the social media apps or the image editing apps. Utilizing these filters of Instagram is yet another way to beautify your post. Not just filters, but leveraging multiple features of the stories of Instagram like adding ‘emojis’ or hashtags can also keep your audience engaging. National Geographic is very impressive in utilizing the features of Instagram to present its followers with embellished posts.

Utilize all the tools Instagram

Geotagging is one such example that can help your post reach to the users in a particular location. Adding hashtags and mentioning other accounts in your Instagram stories is also a good way to reach the targeted viewers. Similarly, you can ask your employees or existing customers to mention your brand in their story or post to reach to their followers as well. This digital marketing formula of follow for follow and like for like is really trending on Instagram.

7.Showcase beautiful experiences relevant to your brand

“Show how your company sees the world and make it meaningful to people.”?—?Instagram blog.

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You had a great event at your workplace or you had a business trip, share the pictures with the story or your achievements with your followers. No all of us are a good photographer, but with many editing tools available online, you can utilize best captured pictures and collage them to showcase your experience to the world.

8.Interact with followers to spark growth

Engage your audience with incentives in your post caption call to action. For example, Nordstrom did a “Like it to lower the price” campaign. For every 10,000 likes they’d lower the price 10%, up to 30% off.

Nordstrom did a “Like it to lower the price” campaign

Revamp your brand on Instagram

There’s no better way to step up your digital marketing drive than to be active on Instagram. The platform is constantly making improvements, so individuals and businesses can get more out of it.

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