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6 things you can do using Canva for Digital Marketing

04 Aug. 17

Using graphics to tell the story to your audience is the next big thing of Digital Marketing. This is called ‘visual marketing’. It popularly came about because of the success of social media apps like Pinterest and Instagram. set the standard for content marketers and digital marketers to create good visual content that tells a story.

Did you know that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images?

Even the posts on the social media giant, Facebook, with images see much more engagement than those without. In fact, they will get 2.3 times more engagement. It is hence, critically important to create images that pique the interest of the audience. Being a digital marketing agency, we understand the importance of the tools that are used for creating impressive images.

In this article I will show you six really cool things you can do on Canva for your unique digital marketing campaign.

1.Add your logo to every graphic

You can add your logo to Canva with drag and drop ease to brand each image you create and share. The ability to brand your content allows smaller blogs to grow and build their audience. This digital marketing design can add brand value to your organization. Wherever the banner is posted, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media, your brand will be recognized by the logo.

Canva - Add your logo to every graphic

2.Stretch and shrink text

This will really make to look like a pro. So sometimes you may have a heading and sub heading for example. But the text lengths don’t match. You can stretch or shrink the text using the ‘spacing’ tool on the top bar.

Canva - Stretch and shrink text

3.Lock down your colors

A consistent, well-developed design using a specific color palette visually cues readers to know that they’re looking at the same brand across different social media platforms. Two or three colors is the maximum amount recommended for a color palette.

Canva - Lock down your colors

4.Customize photo filters like the big brands

One way big brands tie photos together from different ad layouts or across social media platforms is to use custom filters. You can see on this set of photos that changing the filter changes the tone and mood of the photos as a set.

Canva - Customize photo filters

5.Make Elements Transparent

Making some of your elements transparent can give a very professional look to your visuals. This was produced by a course attendee of mine recently where she made the box transparent. The image itself it quite busy so there would be some difficulty in overlaying text that would be legible. A block of colour that is complementary to the image would be one solution, however I think the transparent block here is very stylish.

Canva design layouts

6.Traditional Marketing Materials

If you’ve ever designed graphics for social media, here’s a challenge you can probably relate to: you’ve just created a Facebook graphic you’re really proud and you decide you also want to share it on Instagram. You crop it into a square but suddenly the design looks terrible. What to do? Start again from scratch. Not really. Canva provides dimensions for all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many others.

canva popular design

You can also insert custom dimensions into Canva to create your own size for not only digital marketing but also for your traditional offline marketing.

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