iBeacon in Food Delivery businesses

5 Unique iBeacon ideas to implement in Food Delivery businesses

27 Nov. 18
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Google reports that 20% of the global economy is supported by the food & Beverage industry only.- this says it all.

The food and beverage industry is one of the most prolific industries without the shadow of a doubt. On the flip side, competition is more than ever in terms of bring the brand name forward along with maintaining quality.

Food businesses are experimenting with loads of marketing strategies to come on the top. Various technologies are integrated with custom mobile app development and restaurant apps to enhance user experience and increase customer retention by leveraging iBeacon solutions development. The term “iBeacons” has been to the core in the marketing segment for a couple of years which has transformed the businesses, not only for food and beverage but other industries as well.

Nowadays, BLE/ iBeacon app development or beacon based proximity marketing is not a hidden secret anymore. Now, the startups and small businesses have started adapting to the change and are more inclined towards implementing advanced beacon based solutions for food and beverage business. Here, let us have a look at the top iBeacon solutions that restaurants or outlets can implement to the infrastructure to transform their operations.

1. Automated Hands-Free Check-ins

The range of beacon based solutions can be seamless if you consult the right technology partner to develop and bring innovation to the front door. Leveraging ibeacon based solutions, it is possible to perform consumer analysis and on the basis of the promote certain offers. Imagine a customer walking or driving by your restaurant and you shoot an offer he can’t refuse for his favourite dish!

Connecting to the built-in software that provides opt-in actions like push button alerts to mobile phones, we can say that due to the ultimate shift in restaurant technology, the consumer experience is now being driven by the food business owners.

2. Beacon technology to understand Consumer Behaviour

Beacons help in understanding the overall consumer behaviour along with predictive analysis too. Every visit to a restaurant tells a story nowadays and as a result your social behaviour no longer needs a check-in. A beacon device like “VenueBeacon” can work in conjunction with Restaurant Social Media Index aka RSMI (online social networking community) that tracks millions of customers on various social media platforms.


All the mobile actions are tied up to cloud based Social Media Index to match up every visit made by the users on BLE devices. The small device allows restaurant owners to measure sidewalk traffic, people who spend some time in front of your place but do not pop in. It can measure time and determine spaces in which they spend most of their time along with competitive analysis where the consumers are dining other than your place.

3. Beacon based Digital Sign Flippers

Even in current time, there are many food outlets and restaurants which use employees to hold sign boards or place a static one outside the front door. Garnering attention of the potential customers is now easier than ever by implementing ibeacon solutions. Beacons can easily send the same messages to their smartphones in form of alerts to promote any offer and invite them to avail it before it ends.

Leveraging iBeacon SDK integration, proximity marketing solutions can be implemented. From entry points to greeting the customers ranging up to getting feedback and communicating with them through an iBeacon application platform; the whole process can be enhanced through Proximity Marketing solutions.

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4. Beacon-based Automated Rating-Review System

Asking customers while they are in the restaurant is an outdated thing. In fact, it is likely that people will feel hesitant in filling out survey form in a restaurant or at a later stage by going to the restaurant website to give feedback. This calls for a change in the system by bringing in beacons. When the customers are still in a restaurant or as they exit, beacons can send reminders to them to provide comments and opinions in real time which can increase their chances of participation.

5. Automated On-floor Table-sided Service

No one likes waiting for the food order to be taken or waiting for a bill to be paid. Leveraging smart iBeacon-based solutions, customers can order food directly from the table and pay bills as well through their mobile phones via custom restaurant apps integrated with payment gateway integration. This symbolizes a unique dining experience and increases the level of personalization for the customers which may result in increased future visits.

Advanced Feature- Consumer Analytics based on iBeacons Data

Each time beacons send messages/ notifications to the users, it is important that they collect data for consumer behaviour analysis. This will help restaurant owners to modify the menu and offers an understanding of the expectations of the consumers. If used appropriately, beacons can have a real impact on engaging with the customer in a more strategic manner to ensure increased customer patronage and frequent visits.

Configuring a Proximity Marketing campaign using iBeacons

The right way to move forward with proximity marketing campaigns using iBeacon and a proper iBeacon SDK is shown below:

  • Choose the right beacon form factor to suit your business and it’s requirements
  • Deploy the beacons smartly
  • For maximum reach place the ibeacon above the crowd level
  • Choose areas where people either have to wait for long or have to move slowly
  • Keep a line of sight between the smartphone and the iBeacon
  • Generate a relevant website or form, and assign it to the iBeacon.
  • Create a notification and direct to iBeacon notifications to that website or form.

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