Clutch Review for Off Page SEO

5 Star Clutch Review for Off Page SEO Services

11 May. 18
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Project Overview

The client being an SEO Manager was responsible to deliver SEO results. The work consisted of link building, which can be difficult for those who do not know how. The work was intense as there were 4 different websites to drive links to. The client wanted to drive links to different websites and increase the rankings of specific keywords as well as to manage the external supplier.


He was in need of off-page activities to be carried out, but didn’t have the time or a team to do so. The client usually train the team to carry out tasks should it be required but when the cost of time for training built into the equation, it was not cost-effective to do this to his in-house. It was an hurdle for client as he needed a week of training for his team, who were already dealing with other issues so he decided to outsource this aspect.



Our team of SEO Executives performed off-page activities seamlessly. Definitely it would be difficult for those who don’t know how to do. Our team reported each and every link location, anchor text, target URL, and date built while answering queries.

How did they approach Let’s Nurture?

The Client was confident to go with Let’s Nurture as he had already worked with CEO of Let’s Nurture Mr. Ketan Raval. And he was well versed with the company’s work and the tactics we used.

Feedback from Client in form of Ratings

We got 5 star review from the client on Clutch that was categorized by quality, schedule, cost and willing to prefer. During an interview by Clutch, client reviewed:

Can you share any statistics or metrics that speak to the quality of their work and impact of the engagement?

Let’s Nurture always delivered their work on time. They reported every link location, anchor text, target URL, and date built while answering queries. However, due to the quality of the work they produced, very few problems arose. The only result was the successful targeting of keywords.

How did the Let’s Nurture perform from a project management standpoint?

I am always eager to work with Let’s Nurture when the opportunity presents itself due to my previous dealings with them and the great results of their work.

What impresses you about the Let’s Nurture?

They are reasonably priced, always deliver on time, and don’t let problems be obstacles. They’re very knowledgeable and helpful. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them again.
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