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4 factors that lead to developing a successful eCommerce website

03 Mar. 17

“The online shopping market is estimated to reach above $2 Trillion in 2017” – Statista.
I am an avid online shopper. This data pretty much seems apt to me by knowing my peers’ and my online shopping behaviour. I love eCommerce website. We often get confused about ‘where to buy from’. This question haunts all the online shoppers as there are so many players around. And to identify which one to choose from this pool is a little difficult.
Now, if you are planning to develop an eCommerce website, here’s a guide from an online shopping addict on why would we prefer to shop from your website.

1. What’s there in the name?

As Shakespeare said, “what’s there in the name?”. Well, don’t we all associate this statement to his ‘name’? This proves there is a lot of potential in a name. Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Lenovo, Oracle and IBM – these are the words that we don’t use in our regular language but we sure very popularly know them. They are uncommon and distinct yet known to the world.
My point, a unique, quirky and easy to remember brand name itself will fetch your online store the much-needed attention, exclusivity and arguably good organic traffic. That is the power of a good brand name.

2. Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

Paul Rand is a legendary logo designer of brands like IBM, UPS, Morningstar and many other esteemed firms. He mentions further that “Design is everything”. So focus on ‘design’.
Unlike any other informative websites, the goal of eCommerce website is very straightforward; selling the product. A well-designed logo and store will make your website stand out from the competitors. It makes your online store more appealing.
There are few things to take care of when you want a perfect store design:

  • Product display: Images and videos of  your products will help your audience understand better about what you are selling.
  • Beautified Content: ‘Content is King’ – Bill Gates. Research the appropriate keywords and place into your content. Make sure your website content is SEO friendly. Keep the content precise, informative and easy to understand.
  • Minimal designing: Ease of navigation is the foremost thing a shopper will be looking at. Keep your designs at minimal state while highlighting all the features. It is important for the visitors to be able to see all the segments like ‘buy now’, ‘help’, ‘support’ etc.

 3. Are you on social media?

Social sharing is a fact that shoppers like a lot. I would like to get opinions from my friends about a product I am going to buy. But if the friends aren’t with me right while I am online shopping, I’ll have to wait for them to come. This might impact on my shopping as I would be worried of ‘sold out’ tag while I wait for my friend’s opinions.
Instead, let your audience share it via social media and discuss if the product is worth buying. Allow your audience to share your listed product with their connections. This might also help you understand your customers better and suggest your products accordingly.
Apart from this, Social Media Marketing is also very important for a better visibility of your eCommerce website development. Social Media is where you find lots of people. You can reach to the entire globe by Social Media Marketing. This would held a myriad increase in your ROI.

4. Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

A secure payment mode is what we shoppers look for when we finally have loaded our shopping carts. Secure transactions are the trust factors of the audience on your brand. Your eCommerce website development won’t be a success without integrating secured payment gateway, even if you have all the other necessary factors that are appealing enough.
Giving multiple options of payment would build a high worth of your eCommerce website. Hence, potentially add familiar security icons or logos that would help your shoppers feel more comfortable.
We, being a shopper will always find it repulsive if we find some ‘hidden costs’ along with billing. Make the billing process understandable to your audience for building a trustworthy relationship with them. This helps in ‘customer retention’.


Consider all these above-mentioned factors and convert them into actions. Try to opt for a single point of contact to process the name, logo designing, product listing, social media integration and marketing to secure payment gateway integration. This will save you time and efforts.
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