3D Touch – A feature that makes the iOS app development even more user-friendly

08 May. 17

3D touch is a more sensitive version of the forced touch which is a pressure-sensitive multi-touch technology that is designed to add another method of input to Apple’s devices. With the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, Apple is taking the Force Touch technology altogether to a new level. It uses capacitive sensors integrated into the display of mobile phones. iOS app development got enhanced with the introduction of the 3D touch feature.
Talking about the force touch technology, it is a pressure-sensitive technology exclusively available on Apple Watches, which later arrived on  Retina MacBook, MacBook Pro, Magic Trackpad 2, and iPhone models like iPhone 6S, and iPhone 7. On the basis of different levels of forces applied to the device, trackpads and touchscreens can be able to distinguish the Force touch.

Why can the 3D Touch feature be helpful to your iOS app development strategy?

One of the most convenient features that 3D touch brings to iPhone users is access to shortcuts from the home screen. This allows your users to leverage the features of your iOS apps without really getting into the app. This one benefit of the 3D touch feature will increase the usage and the functionality of the app as it would make the iOS app more user-friendly
With the Peek feature, holding your finger down opens a popup window that reveals additional content within the app. This feature can be that bonus you give to your audience which will enhance your iOS app usability.
3D touch opens up some new possibilities. Yes, it’s started with a secondary menu kind of functionality, but it can evolve much further. Hire dedicated iOS developers to leverage this unique 3D feature for your iOS app.

How Does 3D Touch Work?

In terms of functionality, iOS app development with 3D Touch is really very smart. If one wants to take a selfie, you don’t need to launch the Camera app. Simply light press on the Camera app, and you will get the option to Take a Selfie right on your Homescreen.

To understand the 3D Touch, you need to have knowledge about Peek and Pop. While Peek refers to a light press, the Pop specifies a hard press.

If you want to peek at a message, you just need to press it lightly. And, if you wish to pop into the message for a full view, you need to press it a little more deeply. That’s how it works!
When the touch sensors distinguish the different pressure levels for the OS to process, the Taptic Engine (A combination of tap and haptic feedback)  gives the feedback to the user by imitating the sense of clicking similar to clicking on the physical keyboard.

3D Touch APIs

iOS 9 provides the following 3D Touch APIs:

  • The Home screen quick action API is for adding shortcuts to your app icon. It will anticipate and accelerate a user’s interaction with your app.
  • The UIKit peek and pop API lets you provide easy access, within your app. Use the peek quick actions API to provide a press-enabled replacement to your app’s touch-and-hold actions.
  • The Web view peeks and pop API lets you enable system-mediated previews of HTML link destinations.
  • The UI-Touch force properties let you add customized force-based user interaction to your app.

This blog was written when iOS9 was released. Now current features of iOs15 that we offer are:

  • SharePlay Integration: Looking for a new way to share your app? SharePlay allows for easy media streaming using Apple’s Group Activities API. It provides full-quality video and syncing handled by the API system across all your devices or users securely and safely.
  • Focus Notifications: If you want to time your notifications just right to maximize their effectiveness, Focus can help with their Interruption Levels API. This lets you send push notifications in a variety of ways, such as time-sensitive and passive notifications.
  • Better Searches with SwiftUI: SwiftUI is a great tool to improve your list views, your search experiences, and your full ability to migrate your older SwiftUI system to the newest update.
  • Full Augmented Reality Support: Whether you want to use Apple’s ARKit 5 to track faces for apps like Snapchat or the RealityKit2 to create 3D models using your iPhone’s photos, Let’s Nurture provides development and support for your augmented reality mobile app.
  • Advanced Machine Learning: Utilizing Apple’s Create ML and Core ML packages, you can create highly complex Apple and iPad apps which can learn from user input and behavior to create a highly personalized user experience.
  • Easier Game Development: If your company is looking to create its own mobile video game, you’re in luck. Using GameKit, StoreKit 2, and the Game Controller framework; Let’s Nurture will work with your team to provide you with highly responsive, professionally developed video games that’ll keep your customers playing for hours.
  • Improved Accessibility Features: If you’re creating an app for accessibility, we can assist using Apple’s Accessibility API to provide support for Mfi hearing devices, streaming capabilities, and the ability to pair hearing devices.
  • HomeKit: If your business works with smart homes, the iOS 15 HomeKit is your best friend for testing your smart devices, as well as increasing their compatibility with smart home devices to improve their efficiency.
  • Improved Cloud Development and Storage: With Apple’s CloudKit and Core Data API, Let’s Nurture will help you in building a safe, secure, and reliable cloud storage program with your privacy guaranteed.

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