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3 reasons why messenger chatbot development is important for your business

16 Mar. 17

When you type ‘what is chatbot’ on your keyboard and press enter, the screen will display definitions about chatbots. However, it won’t mention that you have just experienced a chatbot first hand. You asked a question, innately, and the software answered it in a simple, colloquial manner. That’s what a chatbot is. A bot is an AI based self-learning chat option which has a capacity to replace human as a customer service executive.
In April 2016, Facebook opened up its Messenger platform to chatbots. By July, there were 11,000 chatbots active on Messenger. By September, that number had shot up to 30,000.
There are numerous reasons why you should leverage the use of Chatbots. Here are few.

1. Messaging is the new social

A customer waiting for your customer care executive on the call will not at all be a beneficial point for your company. And to retain such customers is all the more a difficult job. Hence, consider chatbot development and be assured with a happy clientele for your business.
Facebook already has a base of over a billion users. It would be a wise thought to be able to reach out to such a large audience. Also, messenger bots have made an accountability in the space of interacting with the audience.
Instead of a customer reaching out your company for smallest of the queries it would be viable for them to ask questions and get answers in real-time from your chatbot.

2. Offer specialized services

A customer staying at your hotel wants to know about any special dish your restaurant serves, they will have to call the hotel helpdesk and wait for them to check and reply to you. And if there are multiple restaurants, you will need patience.
Your chatbot development team can utilize their skills not only limited to chatting but also to enhance the customer service. If a customer needs a suggestion on what to buy or where to find ‘something’, your chatbot will be ready to suggest them with a wide variety of choices. So, instead of waiting for the front desk to answer, a chatbot will already be there with your answer.

3. Chatbot development for scaling your business

A messenger bot along with a call to action is a very wise bot that you must look for. A customer is chatting with your brand (of course via Chatbot) and meanwhile, your bot displays options like ‘book now’ or ‘buy now’. Isn’t this a good idea to make sure your chatbot not only serves the purpose of customer service but also of sales?
Sending users to your website from a chatbot can get you more traffic and potentially more sales. Inculcating appropriate call-to-action buttons while considering chatbot development will assure you better customer engagement along with good POS.

Top companies that have leveraged chatbot development for their businesses

  • Marriott

Marriott launched its first messenger bot in May 2015 which served as an example of better customer service since then. The bot is enabled to answer the queries of the customers.

  • Hyatt

Hyatt also has been using Facebook Messenger since November 2015 and has said about 10% of customer service messages that come via social channels are now from Messenger. The bot is aimed to answer the customer’s query along with giving them an option of ‘book now’ or ‘book later’.

  • KLM Airlines

On 30th March 2016, the Messenger team announced that its first airline partner’s, the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’, bot is up and running in some locations. The flyers can not only receive the KLM flight confirmation message but also access the KLM boarding pass, receive check-in reminders, get flight status updates, and get their queries sorted with this chatbot.

  • Burger King

Burger King launched it’s messenger bot ‘Niki’ that places a customer’s orders and respond to their requirements.

  • 1-800-Flowers

A floral and gourmet foods gift retailer based in the States, 1-800-Flowers,  launched its messenger bot to enable the users to ask for suggestions and then order flowers through the app.

Is there any Agency for Chatbot Development?

With the rise in this technological aspect, we are looking forward to seeing more chatbots floating on the messenger soon.
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