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3 Must Have Features on Wearable Apps

30 Mar. 17
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Wearable technology is in existence since quite a long time. The most popular example is a digital smart watch. Wearable app development is inevitable to grow further in your business.
From Google glass to Snapchat glass, wearable industry is not limiting itself to just the smart watches. Google is isn’t old yet. It is predicting the sales of 21 million units by 2018. This will revolutionize the wearable app development industry as well. From fitness band to tracking device, the wearable industry is seeing a wider growth.

The global wearables market is expected to reach a value of 19 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

–  Statista

Smartwear devices such as Google’s Eyewear and Apple’s iWatch are enabling users to perform more tasks without referring to their smartphones. Let’s take a look on 3 aspects that lead to a successful wearable app development.

Ergonomic user experience

The features that decide the usability of the wearable device should be apt according to the users. The minimal of the features, the more the usage and lifeline of the wearables. Any mobile application development being designed for this expanse must have limited features with high relevancy. Moreover, the app must be lightweight so that it can load easily and respond to commands much faster.

Data Security

Cloud will be the primary data storage space acting as both the repository and the transfer place of data to the wearable device. It will be the principal data center for you data. Hence, security will be an imperative concern. It becomes important to ensure secure standards to protect user data placed within the app. Features like voice recognition or hand gesture  facilitates easy access to data on the cloud without breaching the security protocol. Moreover, two factor authentication, secure cloud access, secure browsers and secure mail applications must be some of the prime security considerations.

Customized notification for your wearable app

Detailed notifications can’t be accommodated on your smart wearables. However, this lavish trend is not yet set in the industry. Hence, applications must design notification messages for the smartphone apps to be either single word or not more than two words. The developers can also use other aspects of the device such as voice note or different color lighting.


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