Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

15 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Industry Straight From Tech Experts

29 Nov. 18
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15 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Industry Straight From Tech Experts

When it comes to being successful in the real estate market, it is simply not enough to have a website with an internet presence. Rather, digital marketing must be used in order to differentiate you from the rest of the brands out there. To be successful, your marketing needs to anticipate and adapt to the market and reach a wide audience in a personal and engaging way.

With this said, here are 15 marketing ideas that real estate agents can use to strengthen their business efforts.

Getting Started: 5 Basic Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

1. Create a Real Estate Listing Website:

Building up a free website leveraging custom website development allows you to attach your name to your written content (listings) which increases your visibility online. Beyond this, it gives you the opportunity to enhance your authority and provides you with the ability to garner leads. By maintaining an excellent website, visitors don’t necessarily have to contact you in person as they can use your website, which means more time for you in the field and less time on the phone. Plus, a website gives you social proof, which is when you have social influence based on accurate and correct information.

2. Real Estate Social Media Pages:

Social media marketing is a boon in such cases. Create a Facebook group or business page that offers personalized services to clients, including listings, meetups, photographs, and virtual tours. If you choose to go with a social media group page, make it so that users can post within the group and help one another out with both the selling and buying process. This acts as a networking opportunity for you and them and gives you an avenue for posting other content like merchandise and blog links.

3. Create a WhatsApp Broadcasting Group for Marketing:

Real estate brokers can use WhatsApp to chat with buyers in real-time, exchange information with other professionals, send out reminders for property-related information, and best of all it is free and comes with constant improvements and updates.

4. Market on Instagram Using Stories:

Nothing beats a live stream of an unedited view of the property being listed. Instagram is perfect for this as it allows you to create a sequential story of the home while giving visitors an inside scoop to the look, feel, and location of the home. These types of videos are excellent for engaging your audience.

5. Build a Real Estate Blog:

In having a blog leveraging professional content marketing services for your real estate business or niche is imperative as it allows you to show off your expertise as an agent, show that you understand the market, and drive business to your company or social media pages. Beyond this, it will help you become a better agent, bring visibility to your online presence, and allow you to become a local community expert.

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Intermediate Marketing Steps to Complete

1. Run a Newsletter Campaign:

By running a newsletter campaign, whether this is through a real estate website or blog, you are guaranteed to create an email subscriber list. When done properly, this gives you a wider audience reach, potential leads, and a seamless communication channel.

2. Join a Newcomers Association:

By joining a professional organization like the Newcomers Association, real estate brokers can stay up to date on standards of conduct, make informed decisions on neighborhood trends, marketing conditions, and comparable pricing, and maintain a high level of knowledge about real estate.

3. Publish Properties on Classified Sites/Major Property Listing Sites:

These are great for marketing purposes as they are low cost when compared to other advertising options, they have a wide audience reach, and they are incredibly simple and easy to make. If you use online classifieds, you can set them up so that people interested can head to your website or contact you via text or email. Beyond this, if your post on Major Property Listing sites, you are going to garner more interest in your listings and more leads as these are generally trusted more by consumers than other types of advertisements.

4. Hire Professional Photographers to Take Property Photography:

Although it is commonly understood that staging and photography are paramount to whether a home sells or not, it is also vastly underrated as marketing tool. Don’t take photographs of an empty and sterile environment as people won’t be able to picture themselves living there. If your budget allows, hire a professional photographer as these will come out a million times better than anything taken on an entry-level camera. Use these images on your Instagram pages!

5. Invest in Branded Merchandise:

Branding helps companies establish themselves within the market as it creates an identity that customers can connect with. Beyond this, it pushes customers to stay loyal, it creates consistency within the marketplace, and it brings about awareness. When you have a branded identifier that uses unique coloring and consistent slogans, you remind customers about who you are and what you offer.

5 Advanced Marketing Options

1. Invest in iBeacon-based Listing Boards:

When it comes to generating leads, sale signs and billboards are not enough. Leveraging BLE/ iBeacon app development using beacons, you can provide notifications to users and initiate contact without the home buyer first, you can provide listing or property information to clients when and where they want it, and you can use them to enhance your open house events. How? By placing beacons around the home that provides notifications about particular features of the home.

2. Use Augmented Reality & VR to Create Virtual Property Tours:

By shaking hands with a top Augmented reality app development company, you can use 360 video to create amazing property tours by investing in amazing VR gadgets. Nothing beats the impact of a full visual of a room, especially if the home has a wide open floor plan. Keep in mind that photography can do wonders but there’s only so much a wide-angle shot can get. You may also want to check out 3D infographics as these will create a clear and dynamic view of how the spaces look.

3. Invest in Home Automation Systems:

These types of systems make your house listing memorable and create a strong first impression. Even though home automation systems do require an expensive up front, they can eliminate costs with heating and electric bills and enhance the security of the home. Both of these will allow you to list the home for a higher price and highlight these as selling points. In addition to this, IoT based smart home automation products are becoming commonplace and are in demand.

4. Use Chatbot Agents for Customer Service:

If you are finding that you receive a ton of the same type of messages and questions and find that these have the same generic answer every time, create a chatbot to do the work for you. Chatbot development leads customer service to a whole new level in service industry. Common questions that you can have answered by a bot are similar to what are the features of this house, what do I need to do to prepare my house for sale, what listings are in my price range, or what listings are close to my zip code?

5. Create a Niche & Craft Corporate Communication Around It:

By choosing to go into or create your own real estate niche, you will be able to benefit from authority in your focus area, and you will improve your overall web presence. If you go with a non-branded website, your paid ad campaigns will convert at a higher rate as visitors are more comfortable in leaving contact information on non-branded websites.Finding success with the above marketing ideas will be variable and dependent on your market, your first and brand, and your management ability. By maximizing how much web presence you have and combining it with valuable content, you can use marketing strategy to streamline client outreach and lead generation. Just make sure to hone in on what is trending in your market!

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