Blooming Cannabis Industry

12 Different Technology Ideas for the Blooming Cannabis Industry

20 Nov. 18
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12 Different Technology Ideas for the Blooming Cannabis Industry

With the legalization of cannabis across most of the United States and Canada, a burgeoning tech sector has sprouted up, ranging from startups who are re-imagining how the industry should operate to innovative tech companies that offer streamlined business tools to dispensaries. Currently, we are seeing an influx of dispensary management software, cannabis app development leveraging custom mobile application technology, and companies centered around cannabinoid research blooming as the cannabis industry’s technical infrastructure grows.

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In this article, we will take a look at twelve different tech ideas that are viable options for the legal weed market.


  • On demand Cannabis Delivery Platforms (Uber clone Weed Delivery)

    Imagine a Skip the Dishes or Uber Eats but for cannabis delivery? It would be a huge success! By this time, several online weed delivery apps that offer on-demand delivery of marijuana or cannabis are registered. This simply means that the people opting for on-demand purchase are doing it in a legal way.

  • Cannabis Wage Management Platforms

    Similar to bookkeeping software, cannabis dispensaries, and growers will need wage management platforms that make it easy to keep track of who has worked when. Our cannabis application developers can certainly help you create a complete mobility solution for cannabis delivery with a robust cannabis wage management platform.

  • Cannabis eCommerce Platforms

    As more and more people get into the business of growing and selling cannabis, eCommerce platforms will need to be hand-tailored to cannabis sales. This leads your business an opportunity to cover the customer base that is addicted to use ecommerce platforms.

  • Web Design Services for Cannabis Dispensaries

    Every dispensary is going to need a unique website to showcase their products and services. Add wings to your cannabis business by indulging into the world of website to make the most of it leveraging the power of internet.

  • Bookkeeping Software for Cannabis Companies

    There’s a ton of bookkeeping software out there but very few that are tailored specifically for cannabis companies that have to deal with cannabis specific laws, taxes, payment processing, the point of sale, payroll, and document management.

  • IoT Based Precision Farming Devices for Cannabis Growers

    Every grower is going to want high-quality results and maximum yields. One way to do this is by using precision farming devices to maintain the precise balance of environmental conditions. Beyond small-time growers, the mass production of cannabis will require automated precision based farming.

  • Secure QRCODE Platform Addressing Anticounterift Problems

    Every brand needs anti-counterfeit solutions that are easy to use, implement, and are cost-effective. A secure QR code platform could be the perfect solution.

  • Cannabis Marijuana Breathalyzer

    With the legalization comes the crackdown on things like impaired driving under the influence of cannabis. A portable cannabis breathalyzer is a must-have for police forces in both the United States and Canada.

  • Content Marketing Solutions for Cannabis

    Every brand, product, and dispensary needs content creation that stimulates interest in their services.

  • Live Tracking Software for Cannabis Stock Movement

    Marijuana stocks and investments have skyrocketed and have become the new thing. Live tracking software could be extremely profitable as individuals will need to keep track of the fast pace of the stock market leveraging GPS tracking solutions.

  • CRM & Marketing Automation Platform for Dispensaries

    Every dispensary requires customer relationship management as staying connected to customers and having streamlined processes is what will increase profitability. By using an automated platform, this allows the dispensary to focus on selling the Cannabis while the marketing software takes care of the rest.

  • Social Network for the Cannabis Community

    Although there are a few social networks already up and running, it’s still quite a small market with lots of room to get in. Imagine re-creating Facebook or Instagram but have it fine-tuned to the Cannabis community only? From individuals being able to find brands, products, and deals to dispensaries and live menus to places where you can go and light up and have fun.

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If you want to have more information on what would be the best set of technology that can be implemented to your existing cannabis mobile app or website, get in touch with our experts now.

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