Wearables that track your Health

10 Wearables that track your Health

22 Mar. 18
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Every now and then we are relying oftenly on the gadgets to make our lives much easier and simpler. Wearables were most popular gadgets ever since they were envisioned. Towards this, we have now are wearable health gadgets, they not only helps you be healthy but also looks stylish. Wearables have typically been associated with consumer-focused fitness-promoting technologies (such as Fitbit or Jawbone), but there is substantial promise in the development and use of FDA-cleared, medical-grade wearables for use in clinical settings. These types of medical wearables allow for the better treatment of a patient and promote greater insights for the attending physician.

Here are top 10 medical wearables, have a look.

1c Name Worn on
Code4Armour                 Wrist
It is a wristband with an integrated NFC tag that, when scanned with an NFC-capable device, provides the doctor or a nurse with personal health information about the user. It is shock-proof, water-proof, battery-free wearable gadget. The mobile app helps save lives by sharing vital Personal Health Information to first responders in seconds during accident or other health emergencies.


2i Name Worn on
Quell                                      Legs
It is designed to reduce the chronic pain by sending short electrical impulses from your calf to your brain. In return, that releases natural opiates to aid in pain relief. The brain,releases natural opiates to aid in pain relief. Every aspect of the product is designed for wearability and comfort. Quell’s slim, lightweight design ensures that it is as discreet as it is powerful.


VivoactiveHR–Garmin Name Worn on
Vivoactive HR – Garmin Wrist
It is a cool watch equipped with GPS and has a variety of built-in fitness apps. It can track many of your sports activities like running, cycling, swimming, golfing, rowing, skiing and snowboarding. It pays homage to the built-in heart rate monitor, comes in a sleeker and smaller package. It is ultrathin with high resolution color touchscreen. It can also be paired with your smartphone to get you alerts on message, calls, emails, etc and sends notifications of social apps. Its battery can work easily for 10 hours with GPS.


Smart_Diaper Name Worn on
Smart Diaper                      Pelvis
It is a perfect integration of technology with healthcare. It is passive system that uses chemical marker to react with the child’s urine and change color accordingly. The patch on the diaper can then be photographed using a smartphone and assisted app will process the image to evaluate urinary tract infections, dehydration, and kidney problems. It is designed with safety in mind, the patch is a dry reagent that will absorb the urine as it passes through the absorbent core.


TheValedoBackTherapyKit Name Worn on
GetMedCheck                    Arm
We developed an IoT based Android and iOS focusing on Bluetooth connectivity along with a seamless UI/UX. This IoT powered app solution keeps blood pressure and glucose history in easy-to-understand graphs and filters. It makes sense of disjointed data so users can start to play an active role in their own healthcare. The mobile application compiles the data into reports, which they can print and bring to doctor’s appointments. We have worked with 4 devices (Blood Pressure monitor, Blood Glucose monitor, Weighing Scale and BMI monitor) out of a total of 10 devices for SmartFuture and all the devices are FDA, EU and HSA approved.


iTBra Name Worn on
iTBra                                        Torso
It is a smart connected device for women. It comes with built-in sensors that can keep track of the wearer’s breast health. The device works by tracking the variation in the blood flow to the region and the temperature around it. It helps in detecting the growth of tumors which may lead to cancer as the increased blood flow usually correlates to it. The major cause of death by breast cancer is non-detection at an early stage which by this wearable has become very easy as it it reports the variation which can be further tested to confirm the cause hence saving many lives.


InsuletOmnipod Name Worn on
Insulet Omnipod                                                            Body (Anywhere)
It can be termed as an advanced blood glucose meter. It differs from other pumps as it is the only pump that has a ‘tubeless’ ‘pod’ which is wirelessly controlled by the ‘Personal Diabetes Manager’. It has a tubing-free, disposable insulin pump that is affixed to one’s body, and a ‘Personal Diabetes Manager’ unit that wirelessly triggers the insulin pump and assists with calculation of insulin levels and measurement of blood glucose. Once the insulin reservoir in a pod is drained, the entire pod unit is to be discarded and a new pod is affixed. It delivers correct dosages and has pre-programming basal rates.


BodyTelPressureTel Name Worn on
BodyTel PressureTel      Arm
It is a blood pressure measuring device with bluetooth technology which it uses to transfer the data to the smartphone app. It creates a patient’s profile over the app which can be shared with the medical person when referring to. It is used to provide complete and simple documentation of all blood pressure levels. Users include people with cardiac diseases and people affected by the metabolic syndrome. It carries 2 AA batteries which lasts approx 800 measurements. Its own memory capacity is up to 99 measurements while rest profile can be viewed over android or iOS app.


HyGreen Name Worn on
HyGreen                               Chest
The HyGreen is most advanced hand hygiene tracking system designed to record and remind users to wash their hands. It is the first line of defense in the control of healthcare associated infections.The system is comprised of wall-mounted sensors and a clippable wearable device worn on each user. Together these devices help maintain a healthy environment in the hospital so as caretakers don’t get infected from the patients or no patient gets infected from other diseases.. All the data is fed through HyGreen’s proprietary software, HyMarks.


FitGuard Name Worn on
FitGuard                               Head
It is the coolest head wearable device that detects head injuries for athletes and sports enthusiasts. This innovative device works with an acceleration sensor that detects the head movement. The rate of acceleration determines the force of the head impact which can be used to analyze severity of head injuries. It comes with an LED that indicates the force of the bang. This will help the the coaches or medical staff to access the course of treatment because most of head injuries are internal and the pain can’t be explained when in heat of so much physical activity.

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