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10 ways how Geofencing solutions can be helpful

05 Feb. 18

Geofencing technology is taking business to the next level in present days. Whether it is small scale or large scale business, a retailer or wholesaler; Geofencing technology has tremendous ability to engage number of clients for a centered campaign.
According to a research by Skyhook, Brands can count on increase in conversion rate by 20% with the help of geolocation app development.
But how unique can manufacturers be while they are attempting to target humans primarily based on location? With the help of geofencing technology or geofencing solutions like RFID and GPS, manufacturers can help to achieve goals in an easy way. It could be such specific that you can target even area like “10 miles around central city park”.
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What is geofencing technology?

A location based technology which uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi for its services is called geofencing technology. The action within a device triggers when that mobile device or RFID tag enters the virtual boundary which has set up while writing a program. This virtual boundary is called geofence.

10 ways how geofencing solutions can help you:

1. Elder care management

Elder Care Management

“As per one of the reports, 35% of the caregivers for such people have reported that their health has worsen due to the care responsibilities.”

  • With geofencing technology, the control can be kept over elder people.
  • Fewer efforts and manpower is required as the tracking can set digital obstacles using geofencing.
  • Get real-time signals and notifications of the location of such patients.

Geofencing lets in the geriatric centers to make elderly humans feel loose and allow them to roam around without being under a consistent guardian. It is easy to put virtual boundary and let aged people roam around freely within the vicinity. If they happen to cross the virtual fencing set by way of the geofencing, the management gets notified leveraging geofencing app development and will carry them again in the fencing region. As a consequence, it will keep them secure without hampering their freedom.

2. Child tracking solution

Child Tracking Solution
Child Tracking Solution

One of the best use of Geofencing solution is Child Tracking System. Children need to be taken care of greatly. Hence, at times, it becomes compulsory to keep for parents to keep an area where they can locate their childrens.
Child Tracking Application incorporated with Geolocation app development and Geofencing provides all the info about the kid’s safety. The software can give precise location of kid all the time. This toddler tracking system guarantees higher vigilance and lesser effort for the parents.

Major features to leverage child safety are:

  • Gives automated alerts when child goes out of the range
  • Email and SMS notification alerts about child
  • Let’s child use the SOS button to send a help alert
  • Allows parents to access their child’s location history for today and yesterday
  • Allows parents to navigate to their child’s location
  • Helps user search for their lost phone
  • Allows user to add second child, their spouse and other family members to their account

3. Location based marketing

Location based solutions
Location based solutions

Besides safety, geofencing is likewise the best way for businesses to supply in-shop promotions, giving you right to notify customers for the best deal inside the shop. Geofencing apps additionally allow to do ads marketing to a particular audience. Even beacon app development can be used for the same.

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4. Farm/Land monitoring

Geofencing allows farmers and landlords to keep an eye on their lands. Farmers/landlords can get notifications about any unusual activities on the land. Any animal attack or human robbery can be immediately detected. Also the enhancement in the quantity of grains can be achieved by using IoT solutions for agriculture industry.

5.  Asset tracking

Asset Tracking Solutions
Asset Tracking Solutions

Asset monitoring and safety is an important a part of fleet management. Your enterprise’s equipment, fleet, high valued content can be tracked by knowing where they are and what are they doing all the times.
This is how asset tracking solution makes geofencing too much treasured.

6. Tracking criminal movement

The geofencing technology is invasive. It can also be used for security purposes and criminal movement. If criminal make his/her way out then their location can be known immediately and can be locked up again.

7. Rental vehicle movement

If you are a person who give their vehicle on rent then this geofencing solution is the best for you. You can get knowledge about the movement of your rented vehicle and can forbid the unusual activities. Moreover, vehicle movement can be glorified with the IoT solution for automotive industry to gain more power over your business analysis.

8. Livestock tracking

Livestock Tracking Solution
Livestock Tracking Solution

Farmers can monitor the movements of livestock all over the area in landscape by >livestock tracking solution, plot grazing etc. They can also review all recorded tracking data at a timely base which indirectly saves a lot of time and facilitate the person with whatsoever thing just by sitting at home.

9. Warehouse operations

Geo-fencing contributes to better warehouse operation and is effective anti-theft measure. WMS users can set geofencing regions and get indicators if system or assets marked with RFID tags leave or enter geofencing region.

10. Transportation tracking

Geofencing solution is a blessing for a person who is doing business of shipping. You can track the vehicle in which the goods are being transported. Safety measures to the vehicle and goods can be applied appropriately.
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