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10 Reasons Why Website User Experience is Important

19 Apr. 18
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The ultimate goal of any online business is their customer’s satisfaction by offering them pleasant website user experience. To achieve the goal, you need to develop outstanding website user interface by hiring expert UI/UX designer where a user can easily navigate and get the most of benefits from the application.
According to Sagipl website user experience statistics:

  • Half of the world’s total population now have the mobile subscription and additional one billion subscribers are predicted by 2020.
  • 82% of top 100 Alexa websites use adaptive design.
  • Users typically make an opinion within 0.05 seconds after jumping on your website whether to remain or leave.
  • 67% of shoppers showed more interest to buy from a website if it is compatible with mobile devices.

Does your business have online availability?

If yes, then keep reading to make yourself aware of the latest mobile app development trends which add significant value to website user experience.
And if no, still there is a time to get your business online by leveraging web solutions.
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Source: Joygroup

10 reasons why website user experience is important than just developing a website

1. Increase traffic with optimized UX

Do you really want to increase website traffic and get more customers engaged? No worries. Implementing optimized UI/UX is the ultimate solution which can skyrocket traffic of the website. Brand new users should take impression which draws them to visit again.
“67% of increase in visitors is found after improving great UX for the website.”

Source: iprospa

UI/UX designer can push the user to look around the site by developing a design which pleases to the eyes. When user explores different pages of the websites, they get more things to know and which they will share with their friends and family. Hence the traffic increases undoubtedly.

2. Keep hold of your target audience with mobile-friendly UI

“Some reports have show that 60% of users have found a problem while browsing websites in last 12 months which led them to leave the page.”

Source: Richmcnabb

Even the searches on the internet through mobile devices have increased from 15% in 2003 to 55% at present. This stat might vary by industry but truth is that mobile devices are ruling the way people used to search on the internet. If you wish to sustain your business, you really need to revamp your internet availability by leveraging responsive web app development.
To give users same feel in the mobile as in the PC or Laptop, get yourself convince to hire a responsive website designer. Because web applications with optimal website user interface is important to acquire more customers and increase sales.

3. Improve SEO with better UX


Source: searchenginejournal

Who does not want to be in the top 10 results of Google?
The websites which are already ranked high in Google can be seen to have unique and very good user experience. That age has passed by when you stuff keywords to get indexed in top 10 list of the Google as they are changing their algorithms routinely which takes hundreds of points into consideration while determining which page needs to be in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).
Think of partnership between SEO and UX where SEO targets search engines and UX targets your visitors. In this instance, both have a common goal to share which is to offer best website user experience. Good UX results to fulfill different aspects like site speed, structure, easy navigation etc. Thus it makes inevitable to hire best UX developer to reach the goals of SEO.

4. Boost your business lead

What is the ultimate goal of any organisation? Revenue generation! Any business would focus on the final number which shows up in the bank. Many times importance of user experience is overlooked which should be certainly a primary concern of any firm. No doubt, your website should include content which is useful for visitors and gives them answer but at the same time the lead generation strategy should include enhancement of website user experience.
“Make it easy for your customers to decide.”

Source: Leadliaison

Hire best UI/UX developers who can really understand your business and work upon it to benefit you with maximum customer bookings. Web designers can help you by developing outstanding designs where visitors can find out the best from your website.

5. Enhance customer engagement

Source: SocialToaster

The Apple is one of the examples of having the best UX where user intensively knows where to navigate in the website to fulfill their needs. Visitors who reach here can easily find out their way to their destination.
Zeigarnik Effect which has proved to be useful in engaging user with curiosity by making a user to ask a question ‘what’s next?’ in their minds. Giving a view of an ecosystem of business and showing a score of the trustful customers, the engagement of the user builds up intensively. UX designer can shape the website in such a way that it becomes irresistible for a visitor to explore website further.

6. Stand apart from competitors

Source: YouInc

Offer your visitors something that your competitors can’t. By hiring web UX designer for your website helps you to stand apart from your competitors in the same field.
A problem has often been raised that 60% of users need to double click or zoom-in while accessing the eCommerce website when they are viewing any product, which majorly decrease their interest and eventually they leave the website. This proves to be a great loss to eCommerce business which can be eradicated apparently by hiring UI/UX designer and leveraging eCommerce website development.

7. Increase site usability

Source: Bikingame

Let users know that they are at the right place by putting exact information at a perfect place in the application. Good UX design can help a user to get the sense of the information so they can find what they are looking for. Providing options while a user is performing any action aids to their decisive power which help them about what action they should take.
Information architecture works with how a person’s brain perceives and utilizes information to efficiently organize data and content. And this can only be done perfectly by a UX designer.

8. Gaining Credibility

Should I trust this website? This is the question, every person visiting your website have when they reach to your website through a search engine, social media etc. The credibility impacts directly to the conversion rate and your ability to generate leads and sale.
You can remain in the market if you have earned trust from your customers and this trust comes over time. Once it has developed, you need to endeavor to increase and maintain it by hiring the best web designer.

9. Attract regional audiences

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Who knows where your audience would be. There is a lot more to take care of when developing a website which supports multiple languages like sorting out web server names, URL structure, page layout and many more.
Developing UX which supports multi-languages can reduce bounce rates. Don’t let your visitors from different areas in the globe leave the site without proving the usefulness of your website to them.

10. Get “Wow” by appealing graphics

Who does not like to see awesome rolling-trolling graphics on the website?
The visual sections on website grab the attention of the visitors first and not the simple content however unique or useful it might be. UI/UX designer can really bring website user experience to next level of astonishment. Make your website user interface stunning by hiring web designers from Let’s Nurture.
Website user experience is something that need to developed and worked upon after considering every single factor of your business. Believing that something worked well for another company would work fine with your website too is a paradox.

How can Let’s Nurture help for UI/UX Designing?

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