The 10 Best University Mobile Apps of 2017

19 Aug. 17

Educational institutions inculcated the mobile experience for the campus. We saw institutions collaborate across departments, engage students of all technical abilities, target and segment communications, promote special events, and utilize personalization.
With so many universities leveraging the potential mobile apps, here are our 10 hand-picked of  2017.

Indiana State University App

ISU Mobile app makes the admissions process a cakewalk for future students. The app includes a dedicated admission module that enables users to explore information on the schedule of the campus, access helpful links, and useful contact details for admissions.
Once the admissions process is completed, the mobile app operates as a module dedicated to new student orientation.

California State University, NorthRidge App

The CSUN mobile app was introduced for the students to better navigate through the campus. It ensured that the students has a hassle free walk through the campus.
The mobile app provides the students with number of advanced features including Indoor Maps with detailed navigation. The app also has PeopleSoft integration which allows students to add and drop classes.
In addition to the main campus app features, the CSUN app also includes a guided campus tour with videos.

Cambridge University App

CU App, Cambridge Experience, is an augmented reality app that aims to bring course books and classroom materials to life. With the mobile app, the students just have to point the camera onto their course material to access more videos and photographs related to the topic.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is one of the top ranking technology colleges of the world. It introduced a variety of mobile apps to guide the students with campus navigation, academic calendar, and to inform them about Campus Emergencies.
MIT’s mobile app includes a real-time shuttle tracker for students to get push notifications about the bus arrivals and departures. The app also has a QR-code reader and a portal dedicated to MIT 150, which includes talks and other resources from the 150th anniversary symposium that was held in 2011.

Texas A&M University App

TAMU mobile Apps is a suite of free mobile applications that provide a variety of information about the university. The app has a mobile directory that helps the students easily find campus contacts. It also has the course modules that enable the students to search and plan their class schedules. Moreover, the mobile app also guides the students with the bus routes using GPS technology to better navigate the campus.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill App

Carolina GO is a student-initiated project designed to improve the mobile space of all students, faculty, and staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
With the help of the mobile app of UNC, the fellow students, faculty, and staff can easily access dining options, campus map, and walking directions. This unique solution is a student-developed mobile app.

Colgate University App

Colgate University mobile app has dedicated modules for current events and special programs like Orientation, Spring Party Weekend, 13 Days of Green Sustainability Week, and more.
The app also has a student radio station as well as live webcams streaming on campus. Moreover, the app features an Alumni Persona with information about career services.

Georgetown University

GU offers Personas for New Students, Newly Admitted Students, Current Students, and Alumni, via their mobile app. Moreover, Georgetown also has four Location-versions of their app including Washington, D.C., the Law Center, the School of Continuing Studies, and their overseas campus in Qatar.
A “This Week” module gives users a quick glance at the current events happening in the campus in the coming week, such as the basketball game or special deals.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst App

Every year, UMass Amherst gets thousands of students to move onto campus and complete new student orientation. While this can be a hectic and stressful time for many, UMass introduced mobile app for the first-year students for easy process.
The mobile app provides helpful checklists for move-in day, crucial information for first-week, and ongoing resources to guide the students through their first year.

University of Notre Dame App

The app, mobileND, is an essential resource with modules for maps, calendars, dining, academics, mobile resources, admissions, and sustainability–just to name a few.
Notre Dame creates a relevant and targeted experience for its many audiences by including separate editions of the app tailored for guests, current students, and alumni and friends.

Get customised Mobile app for your university

This year’s top mobile apps have not only improved student recruitment and engagement, they’ve inspired institutions across the board to explore the possibilities of mobile and begin to innovate existing strategies.
If you are an university that thrives efficient student engagement and ease of process like admissions and campus on boarding, mobile approach is a solution. LetsNurture believes that mobile app development for universities will not only help the students but it will aid the staff to communicate, collaborate and recruit in entirely new ways.
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