Restaurant Apps have become an obligation

10 reasons why Restaurant Apps have become an obligation

25 Jan. 18

There’s quite a preachy recommendation given on how essential it is to develop restaurant apps and ensure you have restaurant online ordering system via mobile app development.
Imagine being able to stay connected to your customers even after they went off your restaurant and promote your daily deals and offers to them which can significantly increase your business.  
According to Nilson’s report 95% smartphone users use their devices to conduct restaurant searched and online ordering system. 90% of those searches convert within 24 hours while 60% convert within 1 hour.

Benefits of Mobile Application Development
Benefits of Mobile Application Development

Restaurant ordering system can skyrocket your business by engaging with your potential customers all day.

10 reasons why mobile restaurant apps are inevitable

1. Location based deals

Deals on-the-go through geo-fence and beacon based solutions
Deals on-the-go through geo-fence and beacon based solutions
  • How would you feel it, if you get a deal from where you pass through? Interesting, isn’t it? Yeah it is.
  • Restaurant owner can make restaurant mobile app developers to develop geo-fencing feature by leveraging ibeacons and ibeacon app development by which you can keep users updated within certain area to grab best deals.

2. Restaurant apps conveniency

  • Research shows that 62% of people do not go for dine if they do not find menu in the mobile. They will definitely chose another restaurant and visit it instead.

3. Easy and fast customer service

  • Click to call feature in online ordering system can save a lots of time of user and can easily solve their queries by reaching you out. This again helps to get your next customer for the dine.
  • And if your customer is treated well with quick and genuine service which makes them feel welcome then they will surely visit your restaurant again and again.

4. Boosting up brand value

Business Development Consultation
Business Development Consultation by Let’s Nurture
  • A  key part of all marketing strategies is brand awareness. A true brand have their presence in almost all platforms of technology and social media.
  • Another research shows that 75% of customer chose a restaurant to dine based on google search result. Restaurant apps  can help in building trust from search engines as well as customers.

5. Loyalty Points

  • You no longer need to keep record of your customers manually like “how many times they have visited here?” etc. Restaurant apps will do everything for you and you can just focus on what new dishes to offer!  
  • Apps for restaurant owners can be used to keep record of customers loyalty towards restaurant and can be given rewards accordingly.

6. Push Notifications

  • Today in the era of BLE and beacon based solutions you can send notifications to the one who passes from your restaurant. Restaurant apps  can be developed with BLE technology by restaurant mobile app developers that these devices can save whole track of customer like whether he is new or old and whenever they passes from restaurant they get a quick push notification about restaurant’s offers.
  • Apps for restaurant owners can be used to notify their customers about special celebrations like –

“We are celebrating 5 years of restaurant! Get a free mini pizza with any purchase of large pizza. Cheers!”  

7. Quick and easy reservation

IoT solutions and Restaurant apps
IoT solutions and Restaurant apps
  • No one has time to wait for the table. All are quite busy and want their table ready before they reach up.
  • Restaurant apps can offer your customers to book their table from their place for a specific time.
  • Really, they need this facility! And you need this to expand your business with full potential.

8. Online ordering system

  • Allow customers to end the embarrassment of stomach yap and clear up the problem  straight away. Online ordering system will permit them to order food in a very quick and easy way. They can also pay for their food in restaurant mobile apps to keep away from any additional public grumbles. And exceptionally, you can also offer to change their order within a certain time limit

9. Social feedback

Digital Marketing Services by LetsNurture
Digital Marketing Services by Let’s Nurture
  • If your customers like your services and food then they will surely share and review about your restaurant apps socially which again helps to build trust and provokes chain marketing of your business! 

10. Eye catching gallery

  • No restaurant apps can be made without food dishes gallery. Because mouth watering pics can easily catch customers to your door for a dine.
  • You can get ratings on images of various dishes which leads you to know about your hot favourite dishes!

And this is just the beginning…

Having a website does not imply you do not additionally need a restaurant app. As people are getting inclined more towards custom mobile app development for their businesses, which is all time handy, you surely need to take a part in the race of mobile application technology. And as proven above, mobile app development working in pair with IoT solutions for restaurant owners gives you and your clients more benefits than the most effective website does.
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Contact LetsNurture for Custom Restaurant Mobile app development
Contact Let’s Nurture for Custom Restaurant Mobile app development

If you are enough aware to take your restaurant business to new heights of success then don’t get too lazy to share your idea with us.
Get a quote after Free Restaurant App consultation with our experts. We would be happy to hear you!!

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