Valentine’s Week 2018

Valentine’s Week 2018 is set to rule with happiness in Let’s Nurture

12 Feb. 18

It’s the Valentine’s Week friends and as always Let’s Nurture has come up with proper planning and enthusiasm to make the most of the festivals and events. As a consequence, Let’s Nurture has yet again planned to celebrate the Valentine’s week in a special and unique way.

Purpose of Celebrating Valentine’s Week

Being a custom mobile app development company giving a wide range of services like website development, Chatbot development, IoT solutions and more, Let’s Nurture management is always looking to indulge into events and days to freshen up the employees.
Another purpose of celebrating Valentine’s week in style is the interns. Let’s Nurture has a rich history in hiring interns who join the ship every January. So to give them a better transition opportunity while building relations with more colleagues, the management has always found this Valentine’s week as the best time for seamless transition and smoother adaptability.

Valentine’s Week: Event Table

The HR department has already conveyed the details to the team Let’s Nurture how it is going to be celebrated from 12th February until 17th February.

Day Theme Dress-up
12th Feb’ 18 Multiplicity day Try to make a group of as many people as you can to dress alike or like a group.
13th Feb’ 18 Crazy Hat Day Wear your favorite and crazy cap or hat.
14th Feb’ 18 Bollywood Iconic Jodi Day Dress up like Bollywood iconic Jodi in pair of 2,3,4, etc. (For eg: Male/Male Jodi, Male /Female Jodi, Female/Female Jodi or any iconic group Jodi)
15th Feb’ 18 State Traditional Day Dress up in your traditional wear to represent your state.
16th Feb’ 18 Mocktail Day Each of us will prepare a mocktail/drink and contributes with all. We can make team for this as well.
17th Feb’ 18 Technology Day Surprise! Surprise!

Guidelines for Employees

Following guidelines were forwarded later to decide a winner. So that everyone gets the time to prepare to give their best shot during this exciting Valentine’s week.

  • Employees have to click their best pictures and send anyone of them to HR through an email with their Full names so that next day all the pictures will be uploaded on Let’s Nurture social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Here is the key now. The pictures with maximum likes together will be a clear winner of this picture competition.
  • You can share the post respective to your picture to your friends, family, colleagues or even the strangers. Yeah you heard it correctly.
  • The prize, which is confirmed to be a big one, may get shared between a pair, in a group or it may go to a single individual as well.
  • Winner of this Valentine’s Week competition is set to be announced on 17th February 2018.

You can feel the Buzz…!

The after effects of this Valentine’s week announcement created a mutual excitement amongst the departments of Android developers, iOS developers, PHP developers, Web designers, business development team, Digital marketing team, BA team and the HR department itself too. The employees of Let’s Nurture seem to have started their plannings for each and every day. While the thought of having a Bollywood Day right on the actual Valentine’s Day has made people excited, the Technology Day is set to hold sheer surprises to give this week full of happenings a fitting end.
Let’s Nurture will be sharing updates on this Valentine’s week celebration over the next few days here and on the social media accounts. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Instagram user can follow by lets_nurture.
Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Week too and keep sharing your love. It is a beautiful thing indeed!!

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