Startup Market in Singapore

LetsNurture starts 2018 by a business visit to explore Startup Market in Singapore

12 Feb. 18

After broadening their horizons in IT services domain around the globe in 2017, Team LetsNurture had plans for 2018 up in their sleeves. Towards the end of January 2018, LetsNurture was already there in Singapore from 27th January till 2nd February.

Agenda of the Business Visit

The agenda of the visit was simply due to the recent experiences of the business development team. The signs were encouraging that proved to be a catalyst to the business tour. Along with that, the Team had a plan to get in touch with their existing client base in Singapore. The focus was also to explore local Startups focused primarily on blockchain development technology.
Sunil Veluri, Sr. Manager of Business Development department, became the anchorman for this tour. With his experience in dealing with the foreign clients and sheer brilliance, he did his homework already in exploring the Startup market of Singapore.

PayPal Fintech Learning Series Conference

Another purpose of this visit was also to attend PayPal FinTech Learning Series at PayPal incubator in Suntec City of Singapore. As LetsNurture has been recommending PayPal to their clients as the best Payment Gateway Integration platform for mobile app development and website development projects, the conference was to know more about some of the FinTech industry best practices which can benefit the businesses. Mr. Joe Tusin, CEO and Founder, of Chynge was a leading speaker for this conference accompanied by his Chief Compliance Officer Mr. Aaron Lee.

Networking Session

The networking session proved to be a fruitful one. Sunil fetched three potential customers from Service and Healthcare industries. As of now, Sunil is assured to convert them into customers with long-term business relationship as a priority. The potentials clients were looking for the Customer service Bots for their respective businesses. Given the experience in Chatbot Development, Sunil was bang on in presenting what LetsNurture can do with a customized Chatbot Development for their businesses.

Meetups with Existing Client in Singapore

Sunil also spent efforts in meeting the existing clients and shared the updates for milestones about the ongoing projects and gave surety about the quality of the work of development teams and deliverables.
One of their clients is having an IoT Startup providing IoT solutions for the healthcare industry. LetsNurture is responsible to provide compatible software and IoT solutions in the form of web and mobile applications- a smart platform that shows instant stats on custom Mobile applications using cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure monitoring devices.
For another client in Singapore, LetsNurture has developed a Smart Retail mCommerce platform with built-in AR modules. They have also developed a Video based Social Networking platform for yet another client from Singapore.

What’s Next? Future Goals after the visit

Being there for almost a week, now was the time for Sunil to return to LetsNurture head office in India with some high hopes on his shoulders and a vision for the first quarter of 2018. According to the recent developments with all the potential clients, the company already has a plan in place to revisit Singapore in the month of April 2018.
If you are looking for expert consultation on custom mobile app development, blockchain app development, bitcoin wallet app development, IoT solutions for healthcare and other industries or anything, LetsNurture is the answer for you having an in-house dedicated developers under the same roof.
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