HRMS App For Digitizing HR Process

HRMS App For Digitizing HR Process

26 Jul. 17

When it comes to core human resource management system, no two companies have the same requirements. Because companies vary in culture, process and team dynamic, their requirements for HR tools also vary. HRMS (HR management software) is an essential part of any organisation.
Choosing and implementing the right HRMS can impact the growth trajectory of the company. Here, we are covering the effective ways of using HRMS technology in order to make the recruitment process and employee engagement seem like a cake walk.

Go Green

When you have multiple processes to handle, from recruitment to team management, you have multiple paperwork to carry. Being a sustainable organization, one shouldn’t forget the motto of ‘go green’.
Consigning the HRMS process into a digital one will support climate change issue that the world is facing today. Adopting HRMS app into your business practice will make a better paperless office for a better environment.

No HRMS, No Uniformity

Centre of Effective Organization shows that more than 50% of an HR department’s spent their time in answering employee questions and in processing information.
Software products and custom built systems, allow you to implement uniformity across the company, irrespective of the size.. The employees taking leaves will not be able to maintain a record of their own. An email can be easily misplaced or manipulated. The login and logout time of the employees can’t be properly maintained manually. There are different functions that might be hindered if you don’t have a dedicated HRMS app for your organization. Few examples of such processes are listed below:

  • Onboarding and recruitment
  • Evaluation of performance
  • Payroll management
  • Employee scheduling

LetsNurture to launch its HRMS app

Being, a mobile app development company, we thrive to introduce unique mobile first solutions for organizations.. With this launch, We are aiming to migrate complete hr processes online, and onto employee devices.. To make HR operations run smooth, the HRMS app will be available soon in the play store.
Below are a few features that make us unique:

  • Organization management
  • Leave Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Government Compliances & Insurance
  • Performance System
  • Reporting
  • Recruitment Management

With a back-end solution to manage the queries and support the functionality, LetsNurture has a packaged solution for your HRMS requirements. The HRMS app would be soon available on the play store.

Reach to us

LetsNurture always thrives to cater clients with unique app and website idea. We have a non-biased HR process that adheres with ethical recruitment process. Our employees find using our HRMS app at ease. If you a technology enthusiast with skills that foster the firm and self-growth, we would be happy to invite you to blend with our team. Join us to unlock growth opportunities.

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