Small Business Federal Grant for Web Presence Assistance in PEI

31 Aug. 21

When beginning the process of starting your own business or tech company, funding and resources are vital for success. The unexpected costs for things such as your web site development, advertising, marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and other associated maintenance cost can quickly escalate to be a staggering amount. 

Thankfully, there are a variety of types of fundings available for businesses in the tech venture provided by the Federal government. This funding is explicitly for businesses without a web presences and is designed to help the development of, creation of, or upgrade of an existing websites in efforts to increase their ability at e-commerce. By upgrading these websites, their traffic, and their visibility; this helps to increase their overall sales.

Eligibility for Web Presence Assistance

In order to be eligible for this funding, your business or not for profit organization must be located in Prince Edward Island and either not have a website or have an existing website which currently does not have e-commerce and can be upgraded for said capability.

Some ineligible factors include:

  • Applicants with e-commerce websites seeking free services for additional websites or to enhance their own existing e-commerce services or features.
  • Businesses which have defaulted any outstanding debt obligations as noted on file in the Provincial Central Default Registry. 
  • Businesses which have already received funding within the prior two years from Innovation PEI or through the Web Presences Assistance or Covid-19 Business Adaption Advice Program for the purpose of website development.

Costs Support by the Web Presence Assistance Grant

  • Registration or reservation of a domain name.
  • The design, development, launching, hosting, and maintenance of your businesses website. This also includes designs for e-commerce, search engine and mobile optimization, scheduling functions, voice technology, chat and assistance bots, integration of your social media, and other features designed for improved user experience.
  • A social media or online advertising campaign in order to assist with the launch of a new website. This option is a case by case basis, and is only if requested in the application and if the maximum contribution level from the federal business grant has not been reached. Recurring costs related to advertising will not be covered, nor will H.S.T. Payments.

What Level of Assistance is Provided?

The Web Presence Assistance grant has two levels or tiers of assistance provided for businesses. The amount contributed by Innovation PEI is 50 per cent of the eligible cost of the maximum funding of either tier 1 ($1000) or tier 2 ($2500). Your project is not eligible if it is receiving other non-repayable contributions or grants. 

Criteria and Performance Monitoring

In keeping with the spirit of fairness and consistency, eligible businesses which submit their complete applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.  In keeping with the terms and conditions of Innovation PEI, your business may be subject to performance monitoring, as well as applications, requests for payment, and guidelines which constitute your contract with Innovation PEI.

How to Apply for the Web Presences Assistance Grant

To apply for the grant, please contact the Innovation PEI Business Development Office. Their officers will assist with finding out if this grant is suitable for your business, and if they can help find alternative funding if you don’t meet the criteria. Applicants can apply online, by requesting a printed form, or by submitting a hard copy application via mail or fax. 

What is Needed to Apply?

In order for your business to apply for the Web Presence Assistance grant, you’ll need the following information and documents:

  • Your Full business name and contact information.
  • If needed, your HST number.
  • A detailed description of your proposed website project and how you expect it will contribute to your business and the community.
  • A printed, scanned, or electronic copy of a written quote from a third party web developer, detailing either the services they will be providing or an alternative.
  • In the event the business or applicant is creating the website themselves, a detailed report for all expenses and required staff will be needed for the submission.

Applicants are not reimbursed for time, but direct costs paid. In addition to this, subscriptions related to the website and tools may be considered for reimbursement, but you’ll need to be bill and pay for them prior to the request for payment. For more information, visit the Government of PEI’s website related to the Web Presence Assistance grant.

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