Charity Organization Funding through the United Way, Moncton

22 Sep. 21

Applications for the 2022 United Way Funding Process are now open, and charitable organizations within the Greater Moncton Area can now apply. The United Way of Greater Moncton and Southeastern N.B. Have been providing funding to a variety of charity organizations across the region. They looking for meaningful organizations which can make a difference on the direct issues affecting those in their local and immediate community.

United Way aims to commit itself to ongoing evaluation and learning, it also collaborates regularly with governments and other funders in order to help raise awareness of these social issues, advocate for systemic and local changes, and to providing funding to a variety of projects.

The funding process for United Way typically opens in the late spring and early summer season, where applications are reviewed by the staff over the summer and into the fall months. After this review process, the Community Investment Committee begins its evaluations and makes recommendations to the United Way of GMSENB’s Board of Directors in November and December about which projects or organizations should receive funding in the following year from United Way.

United Way offers three funding streams

  1. Strengthening the Community Fund: Typically when one applies for the United Way grant, their application will fall into this category. Programs chosen for this fund relate to United Way’s focus areas, as well as core community work. These programs also can clearly demonstrate to United Way how they will impact communities if funded by the grant. The organization must also have adequate resources, expertise, and processes for implementing the work they promise to United Way.
  2. Collective Impact Initiative Fund: This fund is primarily reserved for programs that will advance community change strategies. Typically, these are for larger projects which require a form of strategic commitment and may involve United Way as an active partner. This initiative may be led by community organizations, groups of organizations, or even United Way itself. Collaborators for this fun can range anywhere from business sectors to government and community work. It may also require research, planning, public education campaigns, and other initiatives to improve communities. The funding for this particular grant lasts upwards of three years, with the possibility to expand this based on the outcomes of the changes in the community.
  3. Community Innovation Fund (Note: This funding is not available for 2022.): This fund is reserved for the creation of products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas which would improve the community resources of an area and increase the overall welfare of the region. Typically, applicants for this fund will be small businesses or startups and are looking to solve specific social or societal issues. This grant is typically for one year, however agencies or groups who apply for this specific grant may apply for the Strengthening Our Community Fund after they apply for the CIF.

Looking to learn more or apply?

If you haven’t applied for, or have any questions; the United Way offers an online contact form for those with questions. Additionally, please see their website for their full list of criteria and eligibility for the organizations applying with United Way.

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