Features that will make your Bitcoin Wallet App Successful

19 Jan. 18

The trending technology of Blockchain Development and cryptocurrency – Bitcoins is taking over the businesses in the world. In last five years, bitcoins have grown by more than 560 times. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency states for the medium of exchange, ensuring the security of transactions.

Introduction to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallet App

Bitcoin is the first virtual currency created by an unknown developer – Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin transactions are made with no intermediaries, i.e. there are no banks involved in between of transactions.
Bitcoin Wallet is nothing but more or less similar to your conventional bank account that enables to securely send, receive and store bitcoins. Bitcoin Wallet Apps are highly in demand than ever on app stores by more than four million downloads, beating Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. With the increasing demand for Bitcoin Wallet App development, if you are looking for a Bitcoin wallet app to meet user’s requirements, following is the list of features that any successful Bitcoin wallet app includes.

6 Features to Create a Successful Bitcoin Wallet Application

Make Bitcoin Transactions Simpler and Faster

The most important feature to include in a Bitcoin Wallet App is to make transactions of bitcoins easy and instant. Earlier, transferring money took inordinate time for funds to become available. Also, banks charge transaction fees. But now, people can transfer money instantly using Bitcoin Wallet app and oftentimes with no transaction fees.

2-Factor Authentication & Password Protected

2FA, also known as Two Factor Authentication, is an additional level of security that will not only need username and password, but also some personal information that the only user has. This is an important feature that enhances the security of all transactions users performs in bitcoin wallet app.

Automatic Generation of a new Public Key on Every New Transaction

This is a must-have feature for creating a bitcoin wallet app as it does wonders in terms of privacy and security. This will make it difficult for frauds to follow the ownership coins as every private key has one corresponding public key, and every public key has addressed. Whenever any new address is generated, it means a new private key and public key are generated.

Optional Timed Logout

This feature can add an additional security level, that provides timely auto-logout from the wallet. This feature will protect from strangers to access the wallet if the smartphone is lost or stolen. This adds an extra layer of security.

Recurring Billing and Invoicing

Recurring billing and invoicing is an essential feature that will save a lot of time and makes things easier for users. So, including this feature can make your bitcoin wallet app apart from other apps.

Push Notifications

Push notification feature will notify your app users when they receive, send or store coins. Besides, you can also notify users about other important news. Push notifications are perfect for announcing new features or sending promotional offers as you can deep link customers directly to that feature or landing page.

Let’s Checkout Existing Bitcoin Wallet Apps

As a blockchain development service providing company we have listed some of the bitcoin wallet apps below. Scroll down, read descriptions and follow our links to download.


Coinbase is one of the world’s popular cryptocurrency wallet app. It is a secure online platform for buying, selling, storing and transferring Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
Download iOS App | Android App

Blockchain – Bitcoin Wallet

Blockchain – Bitcoin Wallet is digital wallet app that lets you securely store and transact bitcoin and Ethereum across the world. The application has more than 17 million users. It provides best support team, always available to assist you.
Download iOS App | Android App


Zebpay is a simple bitcoin exchange app with more than 1 million happy users. The application is used to sell and purchase bitcoins in India. The receiving and sending bitcoins on Zebpay is as easy as instant messaging.
Download iOS App | Android App

Why LetsNurture for Bitcoin Wallet App Development?

Being one of the Blockchain development and custom mobile app development company, we provide Blockchain development technology based solutions such as Blockchain wallet development, Bitcoin mining software development, Bitcoin ATM Software Development, and more. Hire blockchain developers to help you enhance your businesses by blending best available technology.

We acquire expertise in:
  • Custom application development
  • Bitcoin mobile app development
  • Bitcoin app customization
  • Bitcoin integration
  • Blockchain Development Technology
  • Blockchain Implementation
  • Coinbase API Implementation
  • RESTful API Implementation
  • Bitcoin javascript development
  • Bitcoin exchange platforms
  • Bitcoin based trading and finance apps

Reach us out for custom app development at affordable prices and get a free quote. If you are looking to enhance your business by Hire Blockchain Developers.

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