20 Jun. 17

Last Saturday, 17th June, LetsNurture organized an event on Skill improvement. We had covered the topics Shopify, UX Debt, Blockchain, etc.

An event was started with Blockchain presentation, given by, Utpal betai. He had shed some light on topics:

blockchain session
  • What is Block Chain?
  • How does it work?
  • How Bitcoin- BlockChain works?

Then, Kalpesh Joshi conducted the session on Shopify web development where he gave the presentation on this topic as well as given a small training on the same.

session on Shopify web
session on Shopify web

BA team participated in training for UX Debt while the web team joined a training session on Shopify too.

One of the session had taken by Mr. Ketan Raval, CEO, of the company, where he shared his thoughts regarding future goals, vision & mission of the company.

future goals, vision & mission
future goals, vision & mission

LetsNurture thrives to keep the employees updated with latest tools and technology to serve our client better. We will come up with more events like this in upcoming days. Join us in this amazing journey of growth.

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